It's been a Wild ride.

This fall took me by surprise. Starting a new school year and all that goes with it is always an adventure. So here's a quick snapshot of what's happened since.

I've been doing lots between then and now. My last post was right before I left for London. What a great trip with great people. Ashley Donaldson, should seriously consider making a career out of showing people London. She was a fantastic host and knew exactly what to do and see. I took several photos through out London, Chester, and North Wales. I met some incredible people along the way. Thanks to Facebook these people I can stay in contact with. How Cool.

This fall I did a Wedding with the Jennifer and Brian Munkres. It was a lovely ceremony in a cabin outside of Ames, Oklahoma. Beautiful setting with beautiful people. 

I also did a senior portrait shoot with Kennedy. She's a talented young lady. She and I had a great time walking around downtown OKC and enjoying the scenery. She's graduating a year early and will be missed in Clinton Band.

The Edge Church in Clinton used me to capture some pretty life changing events. They had a baptism Sunday and I was honored to capture these peoples experience. I was really happy how the shots came out. It was certainly a first for me, but moreover it was such an incredible experience.

One more great experience was being able to just meander around Downtown OKC with a friend. I decided to take my camera with me and was amazed at some of the neat shots that I captured while walking around. It's incredible what you miss when you're in a hurry. Slow down and take a look around. There are some very cool buildings in Downtown OKC. Lots of changes have happened from just 10 years ago. This city is becoming a vibrant area for young people.

This wraps up from August 2014 to March 2015. I'll be putting some more posts up with other things in the works.