Back that up!

Today while editing and preparing for a small trip to Missouri I had my editing drive hang on me. *insert panicked face*

I’m always nervous about this happening. So nervous that I don’t wipe my cards until the session is delivered. I also have my external drives backed up to @backblaze and until today I have never had to use their recovery service. I’m so glad that as a professional story teller I have your memories saved in 4 different locations. This is the difference between someone who charges pennies to take your photos. When you choose a professional photographer you are not only paying for their artistry and expertise, you are paying for the longevity of your memories.

It’s important that you as a client back up your images as well. I suggest putting them on a thumb drive, saving them to your hard drive and your favorite cloud service. I’m a firm believer in having your images in a minimum of 3 places.

Again, I’m not trying to dog on any professional photographer who doesn’t do this, I just believe firmly in the power of backing up the things that you treasure. In todays digital world It’s so important. This also leads me to my next thought on the whole situation: Get your images printed! Find the 3-4 images that you love and get some lovely wall art. There are so many cool media to get your images printed on these days. Metal, Wood, Acrylic, Canvas, and a regular old paper print. Most photographers would love to help you figure out what would work best in your situation. I know I love when a clients prints are delivered. It’s like Christmas for me!

Hit me up if you ever need advice on how to save and preserve your images from your session. 

Here’s a few of the sessions that have happened this summer.