Rachel Waters Co.

The Lovely @Rachelwaters.co by AJ Stegall Photography

The Lovely @Rachelwaters.co by AJ Stegall Photography

Friends —

You never know how life will present opportunities. Sometimes It’s in the form of an experience and other times it’s through other people or both.

I have had the glorious opportunity to call Rachel Waters my friend, gal pal, and all around bad ass creative partner.

This Kween (oh yes, I did just spell it that way GURL) — Is a ray of sunshine. She was the catalyst to pushing my knowledge and creativity forward.

Not only have we shot together for the last 4 years, but, she has become one of my dearest and closest friends.  She even photographed my wedding.

Speaking of badass photographer check out these gems from our wedding in Colorado.

By the way, her mother Carol officiated our service. It was beautiful.

Austin and I’s Wedding in Colorado at Cottonwood Lake

Austin and I’s Wedding in Colorado at Cottonwood Lake

The other cool thing about Rachel is that she has branched out into a new awesome adventure. She has rebranded under her own name and will help you throw the best bash ever. Photography - Check. Food - Check. Style/decor - Check. This girl has got you. Go check out her new website and show her some love.


FYI - I need to hop on over to Tulsa shortly to second shoot a wedding with this marvelous lady. 

Much Love!