You CAN’T do it ALONE!

It’s me to tell the world that you CAN NOT DO IT ALONE! It’s impossible. So stop thinking that you can and accept the help that the people around you want to give. Do you need to do everything they say? No! But if they give you advice, you take it, and you use what works.

I’m here to tell you I’ve been talking to people about my jump to full time photography. I can tell you it’s scary. It’s nerve wracking, but it’s WORTH it. I have been questioning myself for sometime now, I’m a nervous Nancy about many things, and my friends can tell you this is the truth. The one thing I can tell you about making a jump like mine is to surround yourself with people who are successful at doing what you want to do. Glean from them everything that you can and then make it yours. Implement it. Adjust it. Then grow.

Ashley entered my story about 6 months ago when I had finally resolved that “I can’t do this alone” and “I need help”. I reached out on facebook and asked to have dinner and pick her brain. Previous to this meeting I had been your typical internet stalker and was really impressed with how she interacted in mutual groups on facebook. She gave really great business advice. I mean, really really great! So she graciously accepted my invite for pizza, I mean who wouldn’t, only monsters. We had a great chat and she had such great advice for me and my business. She was kind and she was incredibly sweet. So started our friendship. I hired her to help my business along with her business coach that she’d been using for the better part of 2 years. I had a team assembled and with these two I decided anything was possible. Their encouragement was HUGE!

Jump to now, full time photography, we meet about once a month and check in with each other. She gives me hints, tips, and encouragement along the way. Our favorite meal? Breakfast. It’s over these meetings that we laugh, commiserate, and build our empire.

If you don’t know Ashley and her work, she’s a very successful boudoir photographer. She specializes in women’s bodies and does a magnificent job. She’s a great champion of everyBODY and makes everyone of her clients look like a queen. I have truly loved every minute of time I’ve gotten to spend with her.

Oh, the best part, her family is awesome too!

Moral of the story? Make a leap — Do something you’ve been thinking about for a while! Do it smart. Ask for help. Surround yourself with great people who are industry leaders and for god’s sake LISTEN to them.



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