Back that up!

Today while editing and preparing for a small trip to Missouri I had my editing drive hang on me. *insert panicked face*

I’m always nervous about this happening. So nervous that I don’t wipe my cards until the session is delivered. I also have my external drives backed up to @backblaze and until today I have never had to use their recovery service. I’m so glad that as a professional story teller I have your memories saved in 4 different locations. This is the difference between someone who charges pennies to take your photos. When you choose a professional photographer you are not only paying for their artistry and expertise, you are paying for the longevity of your memories.

It’s important that you as a client back up your images as well. I suggest putting them on a thumb drive, saving them to your hard drive and your favorite cloud service. I’m a firm believer in having your images in a minimum of 3 places.

Again, I’m not trying to dog on any professional photographer who doesn’t do this, I just believe firmly in the power of backing up the things that you treasure. In todays digital world It’s so important. This also leads me to my next thought on the whole situation: Get your images printed! Find the 3-4 images that you love and get some lovely wall art. There are so many cool media to get your images printed on these days. Metal, Wood, Acrylic, Canvas, and a regular old paper print. Most photographers would love to help you figure out what would work best in your situation. I know I love when a clients prints are delivered. It’s like Christmas for me!

Hit me up if you ever need advice on how to save and preserve your images from your session. 

Here’s a few of the sessions that have happened this summer.

Summer to Fall

The ebb and flow of a full time teacher and part time photographer is
continuous. Both jobs require differing time frames and full
attention. The life of a band director seems to start right before
school with long full days until the last bell echoes off the empty
lockers. Then just as quickly as it starts the school year begins in
full swing.

I’m excited about new photography possibilities in my life and
although my schedule fills quickly, it still lets me get to know my
clients in the best way possible. Rest assured, that the images we
create together will be protected and stored in case they are ever
needed. I’m also starting to move forward on a few personal projects
that have been marinating for a while so I’ve started making contacts
to pursue my visions.

Improving any craft takes time and after ten years—hard to believe I
know —I’m excited about the future of this business. I'm amazed how
the universe continually opens new opportunities to expand. After
talking with a few other friends in the industry, I’ve decided to
raise my prices. The price increase takes effect October 1; all
sessions booked before then receive the current pricing and can be
scheduled up to December 31, 2015.

Keep checking back here for specials and some free give-a-ways.



It's been a Wild ride.

This fall took me by surprise. Starting a new school year and all that goes with it is always an adventure. So here's a quick snapshot of what's happened since.

I've been doing lots between then and now. My last post was right before I left for London. What a great trip with great people. Ashley Donaldson, should seriously consider making a career out of showing people London. She was a fantastic host and knew exactly what to do and see. I took several photos through out London, Chester, and North Wales. I met some incredible people along the way. Thanks to Facebook these people I can stay in contact with. How Cool.

This fall I did a Wedding with the Jennifer and Brian Munkres. It was a lovely ceremony in a cabin outside of Ames, Oklahoma. Beautiful setting with beautiful people. 

I also did a senior portrait shoot with Kennedy. She's a talented young lady. She and I had a great time walking around downtown OKC and enjoying the scenery. She's graduating a year early and will be missed in Clinton Band.

The Edge Church in Clinton used me to capture some pretty life changing events. They had a baptism Sunday and I was honored to capture these peoples experience. I was really happy how the shots came out. It was certainly a first for me, but moreover it was such an incredible experience.

One more great experience was being able to just meander around Downtown OKC with a friend. I decided to take my camera with me and was amazed at some of the neat shots that I captured while walking around. It's incredible what you miss when you're in a hurry. Slow down and take a look around. There are some very cool buildings in Downtown OKC. Lots of changes have happened from just 10 years ago. This city is becoming a vibrant area for young people.

This wraps up from August 2014 to March 2015. I'll be putting some more posts up with other things in the works.

This Summer

This summer has been a weird one. I haven't done my normal migration north to visit my people that I grew to love during my masters. I instead have stuck around Oklahoma and piddled here. After some graduations and my normal decompression for the school year I began updating my website and started visiting images I haven't seen in years (literally).

I also had a few times where I got to share my passion as a gift. Brogan Dawn who is such a bright young lady graduated high school. She graduated from Huckabay in Texas. She had 7 people in her class! I thought Cordell was small. I also visited my first school that I taught at and went to their graduation. What fun to see the young people that you have directly impacted their life. It's so rewarding.

Though I didn't travel north (migrate) for the summer my friend Hayley came to see me here. We explored all the best of Western Oklahoma and then we also went to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Park. We had a great time!

Tim Bodenstein of Hesed Yoga in Weatherford enlisted me to do some shots for his business. He. is. wonderful. Period end of statement. If you are interested in Yoga, give Tim a try. His rates are affordable and his sessions are incredible. I'm sold that Yoga needs to be in most peoples lives. I had such fun shooting his pictures around Weatherford. His passion is incredible and you can see it through his pictures.

I've had a few trips to Missouri where my father's family lives. It's so nice to be able get together with them. Such loving wonderful people. We had a weekend of Stegall's at Sam A. Baker State Park. It was beautiful.

I'm writing this just before I head to London...yes I said LONDON! I am using the IHS (International Horn Society) conference as an excuse to visit this great city. This will be my first time in London and I'm so excited that I have friends who live there to help me around! Ashley has proven to be very insightful and is so gracious to let me stay on her futon. I'm excited about the pictures that will come from there. Can you say Gardens Galore! I'll post once I'm back and able to sift through the mounds (I'm sure) of pictures that will come.

If you need some pictures this fall. Senior, Family, or just a fun photo shoot let me know. I've posted the new prices for the fall. Lets get some sessions set up!